Motorsport is all about going fast, this requires a combination of lots of complex elements, and making them all work together, allowing  the vehicle and driveability operate to its optimal performance, within all its designed components.
Engine – best torque optimised from the engine management this is usually with an custom engine management system  custom remapped, with the Dynapack  this allows us to obtain the best torque from the engine over the usable area of the engine management .
Suspension – adjust to allow the best grip on the track surface .
Logging systems (data acquisition) you cannot have too much information, this will allow diagnosis of any issues that may occur. Most modern custom engine management have this logging facility standard .

We are able to supply and fit any custom system , information can be supplied upon consultation and request .

Interface and logging can be seen here

Some more specific information can be seen here 

We have also been fortunate to attend  the Targa Tasmania over the last 2 years, being 2013, 2014 chasing after the competing Porsche 911 allowing it to finish this challenging event.