Fuel Injection Issues

Here are some of the issues you find whilst tuning fuel injected cars on the Dyno

Pictured here is showing a view of an in tank fuel pump, which has ceased to be functional and was actually causing sporadic fuel supply issues. You see from the photographs that the rubber hose has perished and fractured, causing the primer pump to roll around the bottom of the tank. In this case this pump is used to prime the main fuel pump,in the closed loop fuel system .This particular car a 5 litre Porsche 928. Thus causing the fuel issues mentioned above. Another problem for the owner is that the main pump has been drawing unfiltered fuel, directly into the fuel injection system causing lots of other issues , filter blockage, injector jamming etc.

These are all things to be mindful off when you are modifying your car , ensuring that the fuel system is in top shape, if in doubt you will need to check it, or fix and replace any suspect items , all these issues consume time and the clients finances whilst tuning the car , as of course all these items need to be fixed befors serious tuning can be achieved .