Soundproof Booth Construction

The photographs on this page show the effort we have designed into our testing booth,it is sound proofed from the local environment, automatically evacuated , with carbon monoxide monitoring , controlling relative fan speed from zero to maximum speed should evacuation be necessary.

Fuel Injection Issues

Here are some of the issues you find whilst tuning fuel injected cars on the Dyno Pictured here is showing a view of an in tank fuel pump, which has ceased to be functional and was actually causing sporadic fuel supply issues. You see from the photographs that the rubber Continue Reading

Effects of detonation

This page is to show the effects of running engines, without correct engine ecu mapping,incorrect fueling or poor maintenance. Pictures show the effects oil ingestion at high rpm, which is common on stock engines with standard pcv plumbing. Oil ingestion lowers the octane rating of your fuel with the onset Continue Reading