Race car build

This is our project build of a Porsche 928 race car , based on an early 1980 frame car with a  body kit. It will comprise components that are sourced from this model line , modernised with an Adaptronic e1280 body control module , that will control , engine management , rear trans-axle , with electronic diff control (stock components), along with experimental traction control , using the stock on-board speed sensors .

Dynotuning will design the logic too control all the features listed here , as the Adaptronic allows this access in its software design .

The photos attached will tell its story as it all unfolds , we started this process in June 2012 . We are hoping to have the car ready for testing, early in the race season of 2013

Update 6th April 2016,

Our build completion estimates as it evolved where completely wrong , as the project at this time is now rolling to the track for testing , (4 year build) as it turned out , we re engineered the complete project as we required , with things like custom brakes , dry sump data logging etc . The catalogue of completion photographs will be added here.