ECU Remapping and Replacement installation

We conduct ecu remapping for all of the following listed engine control units, plus many others, if we can access the engine control data and manipulate it , we can improve the engine performance and guarantee the result. The Dynapack is designed around the original equipment manufactured engine control units, whereby its use allows us to fully calibrate the complete layout of the engine computer, similar to what would be done in the factory where the car was made , as opposed to just conducting power runs .
In addition to this, the above mentioned procedure usually means we reflash the original engine management unit, as an option it may be possible to replace the original unit with a standalone real time engine management after market control unit , that will be wired in or in some cases plugged into the original location of the ecu. this completely opens up the engine management system allowing full logging and changes to the programme in real time .

Plus many more