Dyno Tuning

Chassis Dynamometer and Engine performance Dynotuning. On site or we can bring the dyno to you.

Chassis Dynamometer
Engine Performance DynoTuning

To find out how this system can advantage you over other systems, CLICK HERE This unit allows us full portability from our facility or at any other convenient location.

WE are located in Bellbird Park Brisbane , servicing the Brisbane , Ipswich and Gold Coast regions . We are able to be contacted at your convenience , for any questions that mauy arise.

We can provide specialised engine management alterations to a range  of engine management system . We use and recommend the Adaptronic range of ecus , but are not solely limited to these models .  All cars are assessed on a case by case basis , and we can usually find solutions for most  tuning issues .  Often times this aspect of the business is the most gratifying , finding solutions to difficulties and applying basic results .

We have the JDS Sharktuning software to access and modify the mapping on the Porsche 928 range . With this older range we also burn the new mapping to replacement chips which these older Bosch management units require.

For all other modification we are able to survey on a case by case basis , if you have an obscure system let us check its viability , as for most of the old OEM systems we recommend replacement with the Adaptronic 440 or the 1280 , these will give the owner the ability to custom configure the ECU management. The 440 is perfect for the 4 cylinders , or if you want to group fire or sequential injection for larger engines , the 1280 will provide management for engines up to 16 cylinders. WE recommend this range as they duplicate precisely the original OEM equipment, with the additional benefits of configurable and custom modification.