What is dyno tuning

What Is Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning is a process designed to maximize the overall performance of a car, and we believe, to be the best way to tune a car. Some people think it’s only done on racing cars, but dyno tuning can also benefit the average car owner because, in our closed controlled environment, it makes your car run substantially better than the more basic standard tune-up.

WHY ?  in the case of our Dyno unit , the Dynapack will allow us to control the car with  loads and at speeds in safety, that you cannot perform legally on the road

Dyno tuning begins with us talking with the owner to identify any problems that the vehicle may have. Examples may include lack of power, difficulty starting in cold or hot weather, poor gas mileage, etc.

After the talking with the owner, about any issues or problems that may be found, we  can also check the engine compression to determine if it’s mechanically sound. We can also check for problems like a dirty injectors, damaged spark plug wires, oil leaks, etc. Then we can also check the heat range of the spark plugs to ensure that it’s right for that vehicle.

Now the  drive wheels are removed for the placement of the Dynapack Dyno pods  to test the vehicle using the dynamo-meter. With the engine running the vehicle is put through various driving conditions with varying speeds and loads. While these tests are in process, the engine performance is studied relative to the horse power relayed to the wheels and the quantity of engine vacuum. or boost pressure. The carburetor  or fuel injection is checked using a wide band air fuel monitoring, in our case several channels, are available.

It can takes several hours to complete this comprehensive battery of tests and  if agreed make necessary repairs and adjustments. When the dyno tuning or ecu remapping  is finished a detailed report is given to the owner and, more importantly, the car runs great.

Many people view car care as just periodically changing oil, rotating tires, brake and muffler repair, etc. But keeping your vehicle properly tuned will go a long way in helping you maximize its overall performance.

Contact us today to learn more about dyno tuning your late-model vehicle, or for answers to other questions you might have about proper vehicle care.