Q?I want to modify or change my engine management system (ecu) , what can you recommend ?

With the Dynapack Dynanometer  we always like to work out a custom solution for you , as with its design it allows us to use it in the same fashion as the manufacturer of your engine, remapped the ecu from the factory, by having the ability, to remap it at all the load points in the stored data area in the control unit.

Every engine is different enough to allow us to custom tailor the solution for each individual case.

Every vehicle can benefit from time on the dyno , we are able to recalibrate  the stock standard  or modified engine management systems that are installed as oem (original equipment manufacture) ,and guarantee the result.

For more additional precise control it may be better to  convert to an aftermarket electronic control unit, this will then allow real time  manipulation and diagnostic capability.

We are familiar with many of the shelf ecu suppliers (Adaptronic, Motec, Autronic etc), but the one that we use and recommend are the units from the Adaptronic range . The top of the line e1280  allows us to configure our own control of the hardware, to customise the output configuration, make it a much simpler solution than paying the usual suppliers for special custom firmware ,  please see link to some of these suppliers we are familiar with here https://dynotuning.net.au/dyno-tuning/ecu-remapping/ here in the link.

An Adaptronic e1280 will be controlling out project race car being outlined in our web pages here https://dynotuning.net.au/projects/race-car-build/.