About Dynotuning

We are a privately owned business located in Bellbird Park , Ipswich, servicing South east Queensland area.

We strive  to provide the best calibrated solution of torque, following the installation of the Dynapack torque measuring equipment, on the vehicle, whilst in our workshop. This allows us to re calibrate the engine management unit in real time  on our chassis Dynamometer, with all stock and aftermarket engine management units , that will allow  monitoring and modification, via their onboard software computer and diagnostic ports.

In this way we can guarantee that the final calibrated result, will ensure our customers, that the best performance, has been arrived at given any  engine modifications. that are  installed, on the vehicle, that you have presented to us.

The Dynapack allows us to diagnose tuning issues or problems , with any car , as we can simulate any road condition, and duplicate it whilst connected to the Dynapack. From Carburettor’s to fuel injection , it is a fantastic diagnostic tool , that saves all the trial and error on the road , done in the safety of the testing cell.

We are able to provide , consult, install, various power train or ecu combinations should they be required.

Due to the design of the Dynapack which can be used in in the same manner that the car  manufacturers used to map the original ecus in their cars from the factory. WE can then use our ecu remapping software to obtain the best power that is available to be obtained , whilst under our control in the Dyno cell.

Please phone us now for any questions that you may have .


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Mobile: +61 (0) 412 084 004