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Dynotuning are Brisbane’s Performance Torque Dyno Tuning specialists

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Brisbane Dyno Tuning 

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We GUARANTEE to IMPROVE the Performance of your car.

 We are able improve your cars performance, because we take the time to ensure that the calibration (i,e tune) is correct for the application . 

We specialise in providing the following services

– Measurement of all engine parameters, power torque and engine diagnostics, to check that the calibration (including carburetor engines) is correct for the vehicle in our purpose built Dynamometer enclosure.

THe OEM Manufacturers of your vehicle spent considerable man hours gathering data to amke sure that the calibrations work to their requirements. When components (ie camshafts , exhaust etc ) are changed, this changes all the engine original specification. We custom calibrate the engine for these new changes,  thus ensuring that the new arrangement works efficiently  together to make the most of the new changes and is thus more powerful.

-Ecu remapping involves recalibration of your existing ecu, usually by reflashing or updating in real time,the ecu after modification of the relevant map memory locations.

-Checking the jetting on the pre electronic cars is important  including the engine angle

-Complete replacement of your ecu with a standalone wired in or plug in ecu to enable real time tuning (see our recommendations here) of the engine control parameters (and or powertrain) recalibrated in our dyno , this is the best way to ensure that all of your mechanical engine modifications (eg cams, exhaust etc) can be utilised by the vehicle, performed in real time in our dyno.

-Checking  of any error codes with their meaing with ecu access in the dyno, to ensure your standard tune is performing to specification, whether your car is a new or an older classic one.

– Road test the vehicle if we feel it is necessary

We are located in the western suburbs of Brisbane, our Dynotung (recalibration) business specialises in best power torque (torque is generated by the engine when you press the go pedal) .

Can you use some more?

We are yet to see a case where we cannot recalibrate the engine to produce more urge at the go pedal.

How do we do this?

We utilise a Dynapack dynamometer measuring unit., as shown above in the picture .Therefore we employ their `IDL’ Torque  Dyno Tuning methodology to perform our torque Dyno tuning modifications. These Dynapack units do not require `strapping’ the car down on platform inertia rollers, as is common with other Dyno units, our system utilize pods which fit in place of the the wheels after removal, eliminating the slippage inaccuracies, tyre destruction, noise, added gear ratios and safety associated with traditional roller units.

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